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6 St. John Street, Chester CH1 1DA
01244 310 022

Jolliffe & Co LLP first opened its doors over 150 years ago. Since then the world has changed a great deal….and so have they. Jolliffes are a dynamic team of young, driven and entrepreneurial individuals who pride themselves on their expertise, level of service and commitment to clients.

Jolliffes are hardworking, approachable and commercial, aiming to exceed your expectations on each and every occasion.  Trust, reputation and relationships will always mean far more to Jolliffes than fees.

People use them because of their credibility, they can relate and communicate with them, and ultimately, they like Jolliffes. 

Jolliffes are a boutique commercial firm, providing highly specialised services whilst communicating on your level and responding to emails and calls quickly and efficiently.

Jolliffes' magic ingredient is “innovation”; how can they add ‘value’ to your business or personal situation by doing something slightly differently to our competitors but still getting you to where you need to be…

Client care and satisfaction means everything to them, that’s probably why they continue to maintain an ISO accreditation and are Legal 500 listed.

If you like the sound of Jolliffes, then they probably like the sound of you.

Call 01244 310 022 or email law@jolliffes.com to speak to one of the Jolliffes team

Law just evolved.

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